Online Content and Domain Disputes

Our attorneys are experienced with various mechanisms through which unwanted online content can be removed, stolen domain names can be recovered, and cybersquatters can be stopped. 

Unwanted or unauthorized online content is common in various forms including: 

  • The sale of counterfeit or unauthorized products online;
  • Reproduced content on a copied website; 
  • Cybersquatting;
  • Domain Name Highjacking;
  • Posting and sharing of embarrassing images; 
  • Online harassment; 
  • Defamatory articles and blogs. 

While online wrongdoers try to hide behind proxies, unreachable offshore servers, and fake contact information, our attorneys have succeeded in matters involving secret servers and offshore hosting locations such as China, Russia, Belize, Panama, Ukraine, Cook Islands, Uruguay and other out of jurisdiction locations. 

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