Oftentimes, parties to a transaction wish to be subjected to arbitration rather than the courts system.  This is particularly common in international transactions where the parties prefer a neutral arbitration forum rather than to be subjected to the courts of either of the parties to the transaction.


Arbitration can provide a highly efficient mechanism for dispute resolution.  Further, the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) provides for a reliable enforcement mechanism of arbitral disputes in the US.  Similarly, the New York Convention of 1958 (the “New York Convention”), and the Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration (the “Panama Convention”) allow for the cross-border enforcement of arbitral awards.


If you are facing a dispute that must be submitted to arbitration, count on Recalde Law Firm, P.A. for aggressive and experienced legal representation.  Our firm can provide you with legal representation in your arbitration matter, including disputes arbitrated before tribunals of the AAA, ICDR, ICC, FINRA, the various Chambers of Commerce, and of other venues.


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